Opening Event:
2009 Res Artis Conference


Gyeonggi Creation Center /
Gyeonggi Museum of Art


GCC hosts as its opening event the 2009 Res Artis Conference. Res Artis is an international organization of directors and administrators of creative studios and residency programs worldwide. It has hosted annual international conferences in various parts of the world to promote discussions among international residential programs for artists.

GCC Opens

GCC opens its doors to the public on October 29, 2009. To celebrate its opening, events are organized including the opening ceremony, an exhibition of Korean resident artists for the GCC Pilot Program, and an exhibition of the archive materials from various art residency institutions in Korean and abroad.

Pilot Program

GCC will initiate the studio program in addition to exhibition, local collaboration, international exchange, community education, and art storage programs beginning in October until December 2009 for a period of three months. During the period, a total of 24 artists are invited to participate in the residency, formed of sixteen Korean artists and eight foreign artists.

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